We have a lodge with a full bar that serves, appetizers, Great North pizza, Schwans ice cream and other snacks.

June Lodge Hours

Our lodge is now open during the week!

Monday June 7th 2021 2-6pm.

Tuesday June 8th 2021 2-6pm.

Wednesday June 9th 2021 12-8pm.

Thursday June 10th 2021 12-8pm.

Friday June 11th 2021 12-9pm.

Saturday June 12th 2021 12-8pm.

Sunday June 13th 2021 12-7pm.

Monday June 14th 2021 2-6pm.

Tuesday June 15th 2021 2-6pm.

Wednesday June 16th 2021 & Thursday June 17th 2021 12-8pm.

Friday June 18th 2021 & Saturday June 19th 2021 12-9pm.

Sunday June 20th 2021 12-7pm.

Monday June 21st 2021 & Tuesday June 22nd 2021 4-7pm.

Wednesday June 23rd 2021 12-7pm.

Thursday June 24th 2021 12-6pm.

Friday June 25th 2021 & Saturday June 26th 2021 12-9pm.

Forgot Something? Check with the Lodge, we’ve got some essentials available every day to meet your vacation needs.


Available Extras

Lighter Fluid 


Bags of Ice

Bundles of Wood